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Education Partners

Three educational partners will be serving students on the E12 campus: SOAR Charter School, Denver School of Science and Technology, and Vista Academy.

Educating the preschoolers through 5th graders will be under the auspices of SOAR Charter School. This outstanding organization offers an innovative, holistic approach to education that includes an academically rigorous curriculum, a mandatory extended school day and daily enrichment opportunities.  This will be the first SOAR school in Colorado; however, SOAR’s school leaders are modeling the school after a  high-performing elementary school called Future Leaders Institute (FLI) located in East Harlem, New York, which they also founded.  One of the common themes between FLI and SOAR is the school’s commitment to serve at-risk students.  In 2009, FLI outperformed other New York public schools in both English Language Arts and Mathematics state standardized tests with 83% and 84% of students scoring proficient or higher.  Several elements which will separate SOAR from other schools in the community include: student independence, rigorous and individualized instruction, and the development of an intentional school culture where the social curriculum is as important as the academic curriculum.  The SOAR staff is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of children so that they, in turn, will grow into socially responsible individuals who will make a difference in their world.

Grades 6 through 12 will be the responsibility of the Denver School of Science and Technology (DSST), a charter school dedicated to providing a diverse student body with an outstanding science and technology-focused liberal arts education. The school on the shared campus will be DSST’s second school.  DSST’s current school in Stapleton, the only “distinguished” rated high school in Denver, outperforms every other high school in the city in both student learning growth and absolute learning performance. One hundred percent of its graduates have been accepted into four-year colleges as diverse as the University of Colorado, Stanford, MIT, Cal-Tech and Wesleyan.  DSST is a college preparatory liberal arts school with a science and technology focus. All students are required to complete a rigorous curriculum including passing pre-calculus, 5 years of high school science, complete an internship and senior project to graduate.

Both SOAR and DSST are open enrollment charter schools. Students are selected for admission via applications and a subsequent lottery process.  Neither school administers any type of pre-admissions exam to determine eligibility for the lottery.

For more information on either of these schools go to or

Vista Academy will open in the Fall of 2010 and serve 9 – 12th grades in a non-traditional high school environment.

Vista Academy, a Multiple Pathways Center,  is intended to support students who have not been successful in the traditional school setting and have fallen behind in their journey to graduation. Acceptance to this center is through application only. The Center will accept only those students who, through application and interview, can prove that they are committed to seizing this exceptional opportunity that will engage them in a successful pathway to graduation and post-secondary readiness.

Information Flyer - Multiple Pathways Center [PDF]

Hope Center
Along with Vista Academy, the Hope Center will undergo construction by the summer of 2010. Private dollars will be raised in order to build this sixth building which will complete the shared campus. The Hope Center expands the age range served by the schools by including senior services and a comprehensive early learning program to begin before babies are born. Additionally the services provided through the Hope Center increase access to this state-of-the-art campus beyond the 1,800 students in the academic buildings, to students from neighboring schools and the broader community.

A collaborative of high quality service providers will be located in the Hope Center offering youth and families access to excellent medical and mental health care, a comprehensive child development center, classes on parenting and family economics, college readiness, youth sports programs, adult exercise and nutrition classes, and services for senior citizens. The Hope Center will not only serve as the nexus of youth development activities in far northeast Denver, but will also become an integrated neighborhood resource to respond to the needs of residents of all ages.


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